About Us

Altek Spectacle Kits, Inc. was founded in 1999, by a professional Optician with 25 years of experience.  Our mission is to design, manufacture, and distribute innovative vision safety products.

Altek designs, manufactures, and sells a patented system for securing prescription spectacles inside full face safety masks. 

This product is unique for several reasons:  

1. Patented technology 

2. Spectacles can be comfortably worn inside/outside safety 


3. Large lens area does not hinder peripheral vision 

4. Kit does not break face mask seal 

5. Ease of insertion and detachment 

6. Meets or exceeds industry and safety requirements 

7. Designed by an optician for better optics and safer vision

Email us at altek2000@altekspecs.com for pricing information and any additional questions.